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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Good articles

Here are a couple good articles done after the trials

Awesome pictures


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  2. Hello Wendy!

    I was reading other articles about you AND your blog all day yesterday, cover to cover!, between taking care of my kids:) You're such an inspiration! What you have done is so amazing! And you're just getting started! I hope to keep on improving -- I don't see a wall coming for me either, any time soon, but I have been running for years. It is so cool that you just discovered this awesome talent of yours, as an adult! You have fresh joints to work with!

    I have run track (sprinter) since middle school, and xc since senior yr of HS, and marathoning off and on for the last 9 yrs, sort of between kids, pregnancies. And my third is 18 mo old, and I have been running pretty consistently since he was 6 wks -- that is what is new for me. I usually run a few months, then a season ends, or soccer starts, or again a pregnancy. SO for me, it's cool to be able to continue to build, rather than start over.

    But clearly you have amazing natural reserves, getting almost sub-18 for a 5k with NO training -- so lucky really, but what you have done since then, has NOTHING to do with luck, your dedication is amazing! I couldn't believe you were doing doubles all within 4 hrs! You've gotta know, but I'll say it anyway, you're totally RIPPED, and your family is beautiful! I hope you don't mind me posting your picture on my blog - I did a post on the trials - I hope to inspire other moms with yours and Kara's and Deena's example! (www.fresh-you.com)

    I'm sure there were many other moms, but anyway. It was interesting that you were chit-chatting during the race -- it is a marathon, so it makes sense, but it's Olympic trials, so it just seems like it would be so different.

    I can't wait to see what you do next! I hope to keep improving (on my level!) and see you do the same! There are a hundred other things I wanted to say to you, but anyway, I think you are just great! Thank you for all of your efforts and your amazing story! I think you will be off to the Olympics in 4 years, if that's what you hope for, and maybe sooner with track!!!!

    Have a great day and workout! Oh yeah, I totally relate with the whole obsessing over times/paces, and then NOT ...what a great feeling!!! I'm sure there are lots of runners like us, but when I heard you talking about it, I felt like I was saying it myself!

    Here is the post on my website: http://fresh-you.blogspot.com/2012/01/get-inspired-awesome-athletes-of-2012.html

    Take care, and CONGRATULATIONS!

    Sincerely, Colleen

    1. Colleen I love you post about the trials! I am very flattered to be mentioned in it :) Thanks so much for all the kind words and support. I am truly loving every minute of this journey and having support from so many people keeps me going on the days that getting out the door is a chore! I feel very blessed!